Governing Council

The Governing Council is the elected body of parents who provide governance of the management and function of the school. Meetings are held twice a term in Week 3 and 7. The committees are

  • Finance
  • After School sport
  • Parent Club
  • Assets/Grounds
  • Canteen
  • OHSC
  • Branding
  • ATSI Reference Group

If you would like to become a member of our Governing Council please speak to another member or the Front Office.

Name  Position
Sarah Gentilcore Chairperson
Sujeeva McLeod Deputy Chairperson
Kirsty Frazer-Sikorski Treasurer
Kristina Mallamo Secretary 
Fiona Prentice Staff Representative
Rebecca Benfell
Tracy Freeman
Kahlia Miller-Koncz
Tracey Veal


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