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Dogs on School Grounds

A friendly reminder that it is school policy that dogs are not permitted on school grounds without permission from the Principal.

COVID Update 8th Feb

Dear parent or caregiver Re: COVID-19 at Le Fevre Peninsula PS Today, positive COVID-19 cases were reported in the following class. Room Number/Year level/Group Number of cases Room 5 (Yr 3/4) 1 Students/children should continue to attend school. You must ensure your child is well and has no symptoms of COVID-19 (even mild) prior to them attending each day. If your child develops COVID-19 symptoms, they should undertake a rapid antigen test (RAT). If the result is positive you must inform the school immediately. Please keep positive COVID-19 cases at home for at least 5 days or until acute symptoms have cleared and take steps to protect others. See SA Health advice on ‘What to do if I have COVID-19’ for further guidance. If your child has symptoms they should stay at home until they are well, even if they test negative. If your child has recently recovered from COVID-19, they should not test within 28 days of testing positive. However, it is important that they stay home if they have COVID-19 symptoms. Siblings of confirmed positive cases are considered a close contact and should follow close contact advice from SA Health. We will continue to provide updates of positive COVID-19 cases in our school. Yours sincerely Bob Bowden


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